A look into our League President

Alex Ruiz is the new President of Coop City Little League! He's been involved with sports for almost 20 years, from the little league level all the way up to professional baseball and he doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon.

" I’d like to take this time to share with you my vision of our Little League. First and foremost, enrollment is at the top of my list, by this time next year the goal is over 200 kids in our little league next season. We will have more parent involvement and community involvement to make this a super successful league again! Little league baseball at coop city may be the only baseball some of our kids may ever play, and I want them to remember that experience for the rest of their lives! Youth baseball is an exciting and a fun opportunity for our kids to learn new skills, develop his or her self-confidence, make new friends, and most important of all, have fun. Please understand the entire purpose of youth baseball is for the children to have fun playing and learning the game, and in that experience he/she gains a sense of confidence, social skills, learning to be a team player and a sense of belonging. Children will carry this as they grow and gain new experiences in life. Just like positive experiences are carried through a child’s growth and development, so too are negative experiences. Therefore, I prefer a child enjoys himself/herself first and focuses on winning the game second."

As some may know already, he took on a project this summer and that was to make our fields look great once more. Part of doing that was to inspire our kids, parents, coaches, and board members. The other part of that was so our kids have a great field to play and practice on.

He was born in 1978 and grew up in the Rosedale section of the Bronx. Played little league baseball at Parkchester and Bronxchester Little leagues. Attended Mount Saint Michael Academy for Boys where he participated in Football, Baseball and Basketball. Then attended Essex Community College (MD) played baseball and graduated 1998. He then attended University of Maryland College Park and graduated in 2000 with BS in Criminal Justice.  He founded of RF Game Sports Branding in 2014 also he's one of the founding members of the New York Nighthawks Youth Travel Baseball Organization in 2015. Alex and his life partner Demarie are proud parents of two boys Ryan 8, and Evan (Bear) 5.